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El Mundo Invisible The Unseen World

Ora Dea is excited to showcase our beautiful three-part immersive live concert as part of our European Tour. The Unseen World tells the story of The Eagle & The Condor, an ancient prophecy. Ora Dea's performance celebrates the portal between these worlds.

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with remixes by DJ Satori, Psychemagik & More

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ORA DEA's work and music originated from passionate musicians, singers and songwriters who met in Frome Somerset England in 2020. Moshe Halperin and Katy Prado crossed paths to write beautiful medicine songs in Spanish, English and other ancient languages such us Mapudungun, weaving these songs with classical and modern instrumentation - Guitar , Violin, Double Bass, Cello, Charango and flutes.

Ora Dea was born in a mystic forest in Great Elm, Somerset. The music is inspired by medicine songs and icaros, sacred mantras and songs that come from the amazon, and the wisdom of indigenous people around the world.

The new single "Condor" released on September 17th 2021 worldwide. 


This track is written in Mapudungun (native language of Chile), Spanish and English, and the song talks about the Condor being the protector of the sacred Andes mountains and the guardians of the veil between this world and the spirit world, celebrating the return of heart-based consciousness into the world to look after the earth as original indigenous peoples have done for centuries. It promotes unity among humanity and nature where polarities harmonise, celebrating the sacred in everyday life.

"Ora Dea's vocals are

filled with emotion and spirit"


                                                             Medicine Festival


‘ORA DEA’ means "light goddess, golden woman”. 


This cinematic musical project embraces the unity of male and female. Katy Prado and Moshe Halperin’s voices feel like honey in the hearts of the listener. Their sound brings peace, healing, liquid gold poured into the heart. Their songs connect body and spirit for alignment, grounding and meditation, holding the listener in a soothing balm.


Katy Prado


Katy Prado is a trained opera singer from Chile, raised in Quito, Ecuador. She started to sing at a young age in the Amazon, imitating the songs of the birds. She cites her greatest inspiration as her Father, a prolific lawyer and politician who in the 70s passed laws to protect the sacred land of the Mapuche tribe in Patagonia. He successfully defended the Kalawayas in Bolivia and Amazonia Los Hermanos Villas-Boas, securing their rights and legacy as recognised healers and activists. 

At nineteen, Katy moved to the US to start her international studies in opera, and in 2003 was offered a place at The Guildhall School of Music. This was the perfect platform from where to represent her country and share the spirit of South America, as she toured and performed live at most of the UK and European festivals.

 Following this, she enjoyed successful residencies with her band, at all the leading members clubs of London, singing with Shakespeare’s Sister, Jeff Beck, Chris Martin, Ronnie Wood, Phil Manzanera, and Jose Maria Cano. Never afraid to push boundaries, Katy has recently been exploring collaborations with several leading electronic DJs, including Luciano from Cadenza, Dj Satori from the Netherlands, and Psychemagik. She is currently writing her album with Moshe Halperin in several languages including Mapudungun, the native language of Chile.

Moshe Halperin


Moshe Halperin has been singing songs and prayers learned from medicine musicians and Indigenous leaders for many years and  initiated the first singing circles in London, gathering  a community that became a seed for  the Medicine Festival in the UK. Moshe has worked alongside Boy George and Robbie Williams, and has a deep love for song writing and beautiful guitar playing, releasing  his album “ Golden Heart”  in April 2022. Moshe will publish his debut book ‘The Book of Truth’ in 2022.

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"The Unseen World - El Mundo Invisible"

A beautiful three part immersive live concert. Watch Ora Dea live below. We are available for live concert and festival bookings. Please get in touch with us.


"The Unseen World" tells the story of The Eagle & The Condor – an ancient prophecy, shared by many Indigenous people. The prophecy says when the Eagle of North America and advanced countries and the Condor of South America unite, the spirit of peace will awaken. After 500 years of colonisation, Indigenous elders believe that this union has begun.


The unseen world describes the non-material world of beauty, of great potential, where the spirit workers reign, the place where the world of spirit and our material world connect.  Ora Dea's performance celebrates the portal between these worlds, where the lines blur, allowing us to be in communication with the unseen world, connecting us to wisdom, healing, and medicine for our own guidance and for the better living of all. 


Brought to life through Ora Dea’s unique collaborative performance, encompassing conscious live music, a singing circle, and dancing in a ceremonial space to celebrate the beauty and energy of the spirit world – The Unseen World becomes an intimate and interactive exchange around fire, candle lights, sage burning, an altar, beautiful visuals and a dj set. 


The performers  interact with the audience in a beautiful inmmersive sound and light performance promoting a state of healing, wellness, meditation and release.  Oea Dea's lyrics are inspired by the native wisdom of South America bridging a beautiful exchange with Europe and the UK – the show goes beyond simple storytelling to connect and re -join with our spirits and our ancestors in a ceremonial celebration meeting the ancient and the new world.  


Songs are sung in a variety of languages: the native language of Chile, Mapudungun, Hebrew, English, Spanish and Portuguese. They are accompanied by a beautiful and moving image piece that tells the story of ourselves in stillness and peace, our ancestral and spiritual history, and scientific and mystical practices and rituals that help us heal, remember and reconnect to nature – where love is the source. 

Upcoming Tour Dates

Chilean Embassy, London - Friday April 21st


Koko Camden Town, London -  Sunday April 2nd 

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